Wednesday, October 23, 2013

and now i'm back.....from outer space....

Hiya! Is anyone still here? I wouldn't blame you if you've moved on, I mean I haven't written anything in like over a year. So, I got myself a nice man. Then, I had a pretty bad case of bronchitis. I kept looking for a job for a long long time. Then I had a terrible thing happen to my breast but it wasn't cancer thank God but it was still awful and disgusting and painful and I am still traumatized by it. So are my family and friends cause I won't stop telling them about it.
Then, I got a job,and it's good,really good! Then, my love affair went sour,went south,went sour in South Brooklyn. But my heart will go on just like the Titanic. Oh,well,like the song from the movie The Titanic.
So, I decided to come back and write again. Hello? Is there anybody out there?????

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  1. Sorry about your man and your breast, not necessarily in that order. Glad you are back. Half the people on my blogroll have disappeared so you were probably just riding the zeitgeist.