Wednesday, October 23, 2013

and now i'm back.....from outer space....

Hiya! Is anyone still here? I wouldn't blame you if you've moved on, I mean I haven't written anything in like over a year. So, I got myself a nice man. Then, I had a pretty bad case of bronchitis. I kept looking for a job for a long long time. Then I had a terrible thing happen to my breast but it wasn't cancer thank God but it was still awful and disgusting and painful and I am still traumatized by it. So are my family and friends cause I won't stop telling them about it.
Then, I got a job,and it's good,really good! Then, my love affair went sour,went south,went sour in South Brooklyn. But my heart will go on just like the Titanic. Oh,well,like the song from the movie The Titanic.
So, I decided to come back and write again. Hello? Is there anybody out there?????

this is really hard

she- ohhhhh, i dunno. maybe i should bring my mother in.
me- that's a good idea.

she- i'm just not good at this.
me- ohhh,you're doing great!

she- do you really like it?
me- yeah, they're beautiful together.

she- oh, i just don't want to make a mistake,you know? i really really want it to be right. 
me- mmhmm.

she- i think the blue is just too much. what do you think?
me (well, i chose the three throw pillows we are looking at, and i'm pretty good at it so, no, i don't think it's too much.i think it works.)

she- what do they call that color?
me- um, seaside.

she- oh, i wasn't really going for a sea like look.
me - oh,right. (listen,it doesn't matter if it's called oil spill. it doesn't matter if it's called staph infection.the color is the color you SEE. Gahhhhd! what difference does it make what they call it? this is so hard. this is so so hard.)

she-i think i'd better bring my mother in.
me- oh,that's a good idea. (cause at 33,you're really not ready yet to pick out your own throw pillows.)

she- ughhhh,this is so hard. i mean, this is REALLY HARD FOR ME. i'm just not good at it and it's really really hard.
me- ohhhh, you're doing great. don't be so hard on yourself.

end scene

note- how the "f" do people like this not get chewed up and spit out by this city? 
if picking out and buying $600 worth of decorative pillows crushes your confidence and throws you in to a fit of hand wringing,what is going to happen when you get fired and receive and eviction notice form the landlord on the same day? pull up your diaper,it's time for big girl shopping.
it's really hard. it's really,really hard.