Friday, June 29, 2012

It'll have to wait...

It's a real bummer to be writing this on my fabulous new iPad,which is now,in my estimation,a whole lot less fabulous since I discovered that I cannot upload photos to anywhere with it. But I am very happy to have it and I am aware of the moment to moment need to put a few tablespoons of gratitude in my attitude or I won't have any friends left. Here's what I did today. I awoke,awakened. I said some secret prayers that I refuse to share with anyone but the great Navajo spirit of the universe that I am currently praying to.Normally I use my old standby,Catholicism but I switch off after the Easter fervor and celebration is over for something fresher and more seasonal. I made myself a blueberry and peach smoothie with full fat Greek yogurt and almost fainted from how delicious it was. I phoned a friend and told her things about me and my state of mind and its whereabouts. A friend phoned me and I met her for coffee. She wanted to go candle shopping. I thought this was preposterous but didn't say so. It was already 98 degrees and no one in their right mind should even be thinking about flames or matches or anything heat generating. I think there is something wrong with her. I went ice cube shopping. I came home and made a skirt steak and a salad. Ate it. Drank iced tea. I wrote down on a piece of paper three things to do today,day whatever of my unemployment journey- which is how they refer to it at the unemployment office. It's not really a journey,it doesn't feel like a journey and if the next time I get in a car or on an airplane I start crying cause I can't pay the rent,I will also not enjoy that journey. Looks like they ruined the word "journey" for me. Then, I took a nap cause I was tired from being awake for 7 hours. I decided when I woke up 30 minutes later with the 30 new reasons that I will never get anywhere or find a husband that I will call my naps "regret naps". Every shitty thought I have seems to wake up when I sleep and then I have to an awful lot of soothing and rocking and singing to put them back down again. Then I worried about how much it is going to cost me to have my teeth done. Then I looked at the list of the three things and beat myself up for not getting to them yet. Then I read about Katie Holmes and whatshisface. Wow,shocking tales of their divorce. I guess she got tired of not talking for 5 years. Then a friend called and I talked about myself and my plans for awhile.Then she hung up. Then I started a painting and I listened to that video of the two little girls being interviewed after one of them cuts the others hair. It was very adorable. Then the exterminator,Dominic,came by and put out some mouse traps. There was one on the stove top a few days ago. It's surprising how little it bothered me. Then I wrote this blog post,with a heavy heart because I cannot post a cleverly chosen photo with it. Goodbye.

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